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Jun 9, 2011 11:00am PDT
union. the ordinance adopted an amendment no. 1 to the operating engineers local union -- the international union of operating officer. and then the number one to the 2010-2012 teamsters local unit. item number 24 amendment no. 1 to the 20102012 transport union workers of america local 200. item number 21 to adopt the first amendment to the 2010-2012 ford of transport -- the non mass transit authority -- an item number 22, adopting the amendment no. 1 to the 2010-2012 for the transport workers union of america, local 228. adopting an and the no. 5 to the 2006-2012 unit 8 -- and adopting an and the no. 5 to the 2006-2012 for unit 1188, 324. no. 25, for a minute -- 24 -- >> this is item two-five, 7-24. we will turn this over. >> good morning. does so from the department of human resources. these are all the amendments with the alternative health savings agreement, to the provision that we had negotiated in the spring of 2010. when we bargained with the various groups at the public employee labor council, we agreed that we would seek certain health care savings starting in
Jun 12, 2011 4:30pm PDT
to the operating engineers local union -- the international union of operating officer. and then the number one to
Jun 3, 2011 2:00pm PDT
mirkarimi: is he the lab yist on behalf of pg&e? >> he is the lobbyist on behalf of a local union, mainly here in san francisco. the union does work for pg&e, the line workers, is my understanding. and i also know that marin remains opposed to the bill. so it is a good question, and i appreciate mike's comments because there may be a strategy that i don't know. but it would be good to have maybe an intent motion from the commission along the lines of the chair's session, and then i can take that intent motion back and talk with the sfpuc staff about if marin remains opposed, and we are not, even though it doesn't effect us, perhaps we ought to consider -- but it does affect them -- perhaps we ought to consider an opposed position as well. supervisor mirkarimi: i would agree. and if marin, who has been in front considerably, and san francisco, who has kind of been a back stop in this whole calculation as one of the two remaining and yet vibrant counties in the state of california that is pursuing this course of action, no reason to let marin be out in front all alone and for us, the headqu
Jun 28, 2011 8:00pm PDT
for the musician's union. the musician's union, local six, the union for professional musicians founded in 1885. our goal is to improve the economic status, social position and general welfare of our members. we are affiliated with the american federation of musicians in the united states and canada. in san francisco and the bay area, we represent areas, various regional and metropolitan symphony and opera organizations, major regional theaters, sky walker ranch, recording film scores, and games. celebrity shows that come through our large venues and more. musicians whose livelihoods come from working in the many restaurants, clubs and cafes throughout the city. these are extraordinarily hard timeses for musicians. we hear of orchestras filing for bankruptcy because giving has been drastically cut for the arts. government support is virtually nonexistent and shrinking court and -- corporate and individual give something not giving up with the cost of doing business. what we don't hear about is the plight of the last cat gore of musicians for whom we advocate. the club musicians on count on the
Jun 16, 2011 11:00pm EDT
. and they're being greeted with a public statement by the local police and fire unions. this billboard is in response to funding pension and benefit cuts made by the mayor. the u.s. conference of mayors begins tomorrow. >>> letting their voices be heard. close to a thousand people showed up to protest proposed toll hikes in perryville. most in the crowd are not happy about hikes of 60% on state bridge and tunnel tolls. in particular, the i-95 and route 40 bridges spanning the susquehanna river. >>> volunteers picked up their hammers, shovels, and paint brushes to build a playground in german park. they also added a butterfly garden. >> that's a nice thing. >>> coming up on wjz, a rodent attacks a city police sergeant. how it happened and why police returned to the scene. >> republican presidential candidate mitt romney is getting criticized for what he said to a group of unemployed workers. >>> a highly destructive pest spreads in maryland. >>> more showers and storms headed our way. the complete forecast is coming up next. >>> complete coverage ,,,,,,,,,, >>> partly cloudy in central
Jun 21, 2011 5:00am EDT
's deadline crash coming up. frank talk between metro riders and the local transit union. passengers and union members met last night. some of the meeting focused on safety concerns in the wake of the 2009 crash. >> when you lost one of your co- workers, i cried with you but i was almost on that train. >> the crash was the deadliest in metro history. nine people were killed, including the train operator. >> 5:33. people in parts of the midwest are cleaning up the damage left behind when tornadoes rolled through the region. officials say there were at least two dozen reports of twisters in nebraska and kansas. a number of homes and buildings were either damaged or destroyed. there were reports of hail and flooding as well. several people were injured. >>> firefighters are using every tool they have spent trying to put out raging wildfires in the southwest. the wind is helping to spread the flames, forcing thousands of people from their homes. if more than 2 million acres have burned in the past. few past arizona senator john mccain says some of the fires were set by illegal immigrants, but offi
Jun 9, 2011 11:00am PDT
was at the table. i want to give an extra shot out to the chair of our public employees union from local 21. i am surprised his marriage is still together, the amount of hours he has spent on this. i want to
Jun 16, 2011 11:30am PDT
. i want to give an extra shot out to the chair of our public employees union from local 21. i am surprised his marriage is still together, the amount of hours he has spent on this. i want to knowledge everyone surrounding us today. some of the other people working. i know tommy o'connor from the firefighters. the police representatives. along with the board of supervisors. there was a lot of number crunching to people were fully prepared when the move to the table. this is historic. i am really proud of both the public sector and the private sector that we can craft this kind of resolution. thank you. [applause] mayor lee: i also said the transparency was well beyond the labor unions as well, as well as our city workers. so, i know this transparency was reflected in the san francisco chamber of commerce and their ongoing participation. they listened very quickly to our efforts. >> thank you, mayor lee. the chamber of commerce and the entire business community of san francisco want to thank you for your leadership, and supervisor tells burns -- supervisor tells burns -- supervisor
Jun 18, 2011 11:00pm EDT
it is legal. >> yes. >> we think that really was wrong. >> art spitser is legal director of the local american civil liberties union in washington. >> citizens have is right to photograph police officers on the street. >> they say it would be better for police officers to set up account where people can send videos and photos. better not to take the video or you could lose your cell phone. in grimes' case there was no warrant or subpoena and she didn't get her phone back for five days. >> it is your property but if there's evidence on there it is subject to seizure. >> i was able to speak with grimes tonight. she says she got her phone back on thursday. she says that was after she threatened legal action. but the video she took of the crime scene was gone. she says she plans to file a complaint. craig, back to you. >> darcy in the studio for us, thanks. >>> dangerously high levels of carbon monoxide inside a d.c. apartment building sent two men to the hospital this afternoon. it happened on v street in the bloomingdale neighborhood. workers were power washing the underground garage when they w
Jun 10, 2011 2:00pm PDT
to introduce tom other conner, -- other' conner -- o' conner, the president of local 798, if fire -- the firefighter's union. family and friends, lieutenant vincent perez and firefighter tony valerio, thank you for allowing me the honor of taking part in this beautiful service to celebrate the lives of your son and your brothers. thank you for allowing me to commemorate their sacrifice and their service. and to their brothers and sisters in the san francisco fire department, to all of our colleagues in the fire service, and to all soon francis cans who are mourning this tragedy. and none of us will ever forget what happened this week. there are no words that can describe the pain and hurt that we feel. there are no words that can begin to do justice to the sacrifice that has been made. it is also difficult to put to words the lives of these men for they meant so much to so very many people. we can tell stories about them though, stories that help define who they were. we can share humorous stories, sharing little details such as the fact that tony had quite a gift for gab. tony co
Jun 13, 2011 12:00pm EDT
wage prevails only if the department of labor survey determines if the local union wage is paid to more than 50% of the worker in that job classification. now, higher wages and skills result in greater produck tift and lower costs. it's so much greater among high wage skilled workers than those who use the low-wage, low-skill workers due to repairs, revisions and delays. the opponents who claim that the government can save billions by eliminating the davis-bacon protections, they ignore the produck tift equality, safety, community development and other economic benefits would contribute to the real cost efficientiveness of davis-bacon. a study of nearly 10 states, the highway bridgework done in the united states shows when highway workers are doubled the pay of low-wage workers they built 70.4 miles of roadbed and 32 miles of bridges for $557 million less. driving wages down won't help balance the budget, and the davis-bacon act will improve our local economies and it will result in increased produck tift. i am convinced that, again, we have people with good intentions that want to save
Jun 1, 2011 2:00am PDT
with the international union of elevator constructors, local eight. thank you for allowing me to speak. i've been a resident of west would park for the last 20 years. i've worked in the downtown area for probably the last 30 years. it's with great pride that i watched the renewal and revitalization of the south of market area and areas around downtown. it was a project on the west side of the city which has not experienced any such renewal. this project is -- has enough provisions in it to protect the tenants in light of supervisor chiu's proposed amendments. i would strongly urge, in light of that, that you allow this important project to move forward. thank you. supervisor mar: thank you. >> i am peter andersson. i'm a business owner, architect, and faculty member of california college of the arts. i strongly support this project and believe it should now be brought forward to the board of supervisors for review and approval. i sympathize with current rent whose individual households will be impacted in the short term. i would like to call attention to the larger values and the positive impact
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Jun 14, 2011 5:00pm EDT
city relationship with a city near tel aviv. a founding member of the local municipal worker labor union. and she is also an advisor to the right college student for democratic society. okay. labor union and sds. all right. she has been the advisor to the peace and justice club since 2002. now, her husband, her husband and her were involved in a new wave party at the university of iowa in the 1970s. the party was organized as part of the progressive party within the university student government. she is a member of the socialist chicago new party. which was founded by, do i have him here? yeah, here. you have isle love him. he is so great. rogers. remember him? all american stuff happening. now her husband, who is not, not a weiner. he is a baker she is strong powerful woman. who are you to judge? he is an employee at the university of illinois at chicago. school comes up a lot, doesn't it? joe is the advisor of the campus chapter of -- here is one my favorites. sds. member of the freedom road socialist organization. revolutionary socialist, marxist, leninist organization in the u.
Jun 10, 2011 12:00pm EDT
played on the west lawn of the capital last night. the local chapter of the american civil liberties union put on the concert and awareness event. they're trying to maintain support for getting d.c. more autonomy including a voting member of congress. >>> another legend paid a visit to channel 9 yesterday. we were excited to host one of the greatest boxers in the history of the sport. we're talking about sugar ray leonard! leonard actually used to work at channel 9 back in 1979, he struck a friendship with the late great channel 9 sports anchor glen brenner. leonard decided he wanted to get some experience in television and brenner wanted his expert analysis on his show. so, a partnership was born. >> i was a nervous wreck. i didn't know what to say. i think my shirt was too tight. my hair was too long. i could not compete with glen. glen was an amazing guy. i had a great time. >> sugar ray is promoting a new biography called the big fight. my life in and out of the ring. >>> still to come on 9news now at noon, the fractured presidential campaign of newt gingrich. will it survive? pl
Jun 11, 2011 6:00am EDT
the talents of local professional union actors. >> we weren't willing to vunder it to the wrecking ball because it's historic. >> reporter: 127 million doll -- 17 million to rebuild it will look different. 250 seat threatter and -- theaters and offices and rehearsal space and second theater and amenities for the 4,000 season ticket holders. great spaces built for them that nearly brings tears to the eyes of the founding artistic director. >> to be in here and see the progress, the history of the building, being transported into our new home section citing. not many enjoy that. >> reporter: opening night in the fall of next year. mike schuh wjz "eyewitness news." >> even after raising 16 million, the theater is 1.1 million dollars shy of having enough to pay the bill for the new home. >> i am sure they will get that and you will write them a check. >> they will get it. don't cash it now. >> hold it until monday. >> right. >>> coming up next on "eyewitness news" saturday morning, placing the blame. the police department comes under fire after an officer is convicted of manslaughter. the l
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Jun 28, 2011 5:00pm EDT
members." are we seeing a pattern here? the unions did the same thing to philadelphia. locally owned coffee shop. didn't use the union outfit for some of renovations. they had thugs stand from opt of their store every day with signs saying that the coffee shop was harming their community. welcome to the third grade, gang. you don't agree with me, you don't agree with me? well, then you must hate teachers no i tell you. what you hate teachers and firefighters and cops and you want to starve children to death. get 'em! that's what we're turning into. what do all of the stories have in common? mobs. we're turning into a mcocracy and they're doing it to the whole planet. why? they don't need, they don't need to tear us apart. if we'll tear each other apart. we're being taught to hate each other from the teens in the street to union workers to college liberals, to politicians, businesses, at some point your views are going to be challenged. are you part of the mob? or are you on the other end? the one that is surrounded? if you are that person, how are you going to react? tonight, we begi
Jun 27, 2011 9:00pm PDT
all the time. this is at some level deflowering of local journalism that happen because it is cheap to be in business now. you do not have to have a big printing press and truckers and unions and all those things. you can be right in the business in a way that was impossible in the last 25 years. i think there is a flowering going on of local journalism and lots of capital chasing that opportunity right now. >> would you agree with that? when you look at local news, do you think it is being covered well by the sources that were just cited? >> i think in the san francisco area that is true. that is probably not true in all areas, but we are seeing with the development of patch and many other high for local news sites that there is a rebirth of coverage of local news -- and many other hyperlocal news sites. >> i was a foreign correspondent for a number of years. many freelances like myself have kind of jumped out of the business as it has steadily declined. my question is, on the sustainability side, as well in america over the last decades -- and it is an old story, and we have been
Jun 30, 2011 6:00pm EDT
4, washington. >> local 36, that's the firefighters' union today welcomed this relaxed policy, but it said that the policy may still force some pregnant women to take some time off without pay. >>> we turn now to a situation that i find curious. i'm curious, has there been a time when two major sports league versus had lockouts? >> this is very odd. two of the major professional sports leagues in a lockout. it's just awful for the fans. >> it sucks. >> i mean, because, you know, the nfl season is coming around, the nba still has a lot to go, still time to make a move here. >> you think they're going to make it, huh? >> i'm always hopeful. >> that's a grim situation over there. i used to be in -- not so much anymore. >> i'm always hopeful. the fans always win. another lockout and black eye to professional sports. the nba owners are locking out their players after fail to go reach a new collective bargaining agreement. it will officially begin at midnight. it reduced the '98 season to 50 seasons. they asked for a raise that would increase the current average salary of $5 million
Jun 10, 2011 5:00am EDT
played on the west lawn of the u.s. capital. local chapter of the american civil liberties union put on a concert and an awareness event trying to maintain support for getting d.c. more autonomy including a voting member of congress, of course. >> a local high school principal is sporting an unusual summer haircut. jr. west is the principal at st. peters school in waldorf, maryland. the former marine challenged his students to read 4,000 books and since they did it, west held up his end of the deal yesterday and had his hair shaved into a pink mohawk. each of the 230 students read an average of 17 books. >> congratulations students. great that the principal anteed up. >> he looks great. >> if you would like to participate in any breast cancer events, they would welcome him. >> nba finals could be over by the end of the weekend. >> plus, the nationals start the last leg of the west coast road trip. highlights in sports. >> before we head to break, let's look at the question of the morning. >> according to women, this is the most annoying thing a man can wear. is it a, an earring. b, b
Jun 3, 2011 11:00pm PDT
it will be the wet outdoors. organizers may have to shorten the bicycle portion of the race. the union street fair will go on rain or shine. the local merchants predict that the crowds will be big as usual. they postponed their wedding earlier this year because of weather. guess when they planned it for. they will have to adjust their plans again tomorrow. >> it was supposed to be outside all day long, and now we will have to go inside and squish everybody into three rooms. a lot of our friends have donated canopies. >> and just to show you how rare a june rain is. the giants' last june rainout took place in 1992. the oakland a's have never had a home game washed out in june. >> so straipg. >>> the rain is coming down in the sierra right now. this is what it looked like in truckee a few minutes ago. we got a pretty good picture there. winter weather in the sierra still. and along i-80 at king veil tonight. another image we can show you. of course everyone is worried about the snow melt as things warm up. we had so much snow in the sierra this season. >>> let's check in with meteorologist sandhya p
Jun 2, 2011 5:00pm EDT
regulatory commission has no power. neither do a lot of other local and federal offices next to union station, blue cross/blue shield, the u.s. education department, the d.c. department of health and the d.c. business office all without power. finally success around 2:30, by pepco crews who were working through the nit to repair underground cables. >> what was it on, leave load because of the heat? >> and i wouldn't say leave load but a lot of load that was occurring and a combination of that and the actual piece of the equipment that failed. >> reporter: pepco said that everyone was back on, live power was back and i few minutes ago, they were having a problem and they think it was a blown fuse and it's a fecting an isolated area and they're hoping to fix that soon. mean while, yvette alexander calling for an investigation of pepco by the public service commission. >> stay duped. >> we will. >>> a gas leak sent people out of their offices and into the sunshine. the leak evacuated in an office complex in silver spring and someone noticed a natural ga
Jun 27, 2011 5:00am EDT
reserves around the world started releasing emergency barrels next week. >>> a new report from local business leaders shows no union fo unified plan for the d.c. region. a survey found that governments are thinking about their individual cities and counties instead of thinking regionally. the group says top priorities should include metro maintenance and upgrades, improve buses, and new bridges over the potomac and new hov lanes. >>> 5:36 is the time. what's the most money you ever spent on a jacket? it's pretty safe to say you did not pay as much as someone did >>> take a look at this. a surfer in florida has quite a fish story to tell. look at that video, wow. a four foot spinner shark jumps out of the water and sails right over a surfer on his board waiting for a wave. a photographer for the "orlando sentinel" caught the shark's jump on video. he didn't even notice it at the time, only seeing the shark when he was back at the office editing that video. >> when you see all those surfers in the water, maybe the shark knew what he was doing. look, i see a bunch of surfers. i know whe
Jun 15, 2011 6:00am EDT
to spot behavior and activity. the chief of police say the local lawl work with federal agencies tsa. ,eporting live in union station >> time for us to check in on this wonderful day is shaping up so far. >> we are going to check in with hill right now. it looks just like it did morning, clear, blue skies. today we're going to keep the sunshine. let's look up in annapolis that u.s. naval academy. beautiful sunshine. few high clouds at times. are veryres comfortable. degrees at the naval academy. 52 at frederick. 57 in quantico. a nice, cool start to this when thwednesday. here comes the next weather system. pressure area. maybe an isolated thunderstorm. gorgeous weather, lice humidity. upper 70's. mostly sunny skies around the area. the weekend. i will show you that it whenever we join you in just about 10 minutes. is it as beautiful on the roadways as it is outside? yes, generally speaking. volume of traffic, but no bad accidents. route 5 to head to andrews air little bit of volume. 95, watch out for standard delays. coming outvy at 118 of frederick. the great way and tollway taking
FOX News
Jun 13, 2011 3:00am EDT
that have local government or the state government is, the unions don't have to budge. >> john: they don't have to budge because the government has no real competition. government's, unlike private businesses, don't go out of business when they overspend. >> if the private sector, an employer can say we don't do this, we're going to move operations to other locations and people have to decide whether it's for the risking. the difference in government you've got a lot to go to take away workers rights. >> john: one of the 14 democratic state senators who fled which is was who tried to stop the legislature from passing governor walker's bill. and that one the union's adoration. listen to what happened when we talk to where the protesters can see the senator. >> the actual action of collective bargaining, the language of collective bargaining doesn't save or spend money, in the end it's-- >> wait a minute, if you can collectively bargain you can get more stuff. that's why they fight for it. >> sometimes you can, sometimes you can't. >> john: the current system is rigged to create a vicious
Jun 29, 2011 9:00am EDT
option for myself and my husband for our retirement. i'm a union rn for a local community hospital which offers a 403b and a pension plan. my husband is unfortunately self-employed due to the recent economy. and i'm wondering what should i do? should i go with my pension plan 403(b) or open a roth i.r.a.? >> you want to go with your 403(b). >> what's that? >> it's just like a 401(k) except it's offered to a different group of employees. it works the same. it has the same limits. you can put up to $16,500 a year in there. if you can do that, that's fantastic. often you'll get matching dollars for making those contributions which is why it takes precedence over an i.r.a. your husband, even though he's not working, he can have a spousal i.r.a. or a spousal roth i.r.a. you can shove another $5,000 in there for him even before he goes back to work. and this is really, really important for anybody who has a stay-at-home spouse. people don't take advantage of the fact that they can actually save for that person, too. really good to do. >> all right. thanks so much. good luck, kelly. now let's c
Jun 14, 2011 4:30am PDT
candidates share the stage in new hampshire. the one person they all took aim at and who local experts think won last night's debate. >>> and there's a new union contract in place for muni workers. why they are not happy about it. >>> highway 4 at bay point looks good in this picture, but just west of here there is a collision west of franklin canyon golf course. bring you more details on that. more traffic and all the day's headlines straight ahead. >>> good morning. some fog but mainly south of san mateo santa cruz coastline most of marin and sonoma coast clear. north wind. set to warm up pretty fast here. first 90s in a long time. >>> overnight eight people killed in an attack on an iraq key government compound. two car bombs set off in a city about 35 miles northeast of baghdad. gunmen then stormed the building and took hostages. there have been conflicting reports about whether that situation is under control. >>> in kriss church new zealand a pair of aftershocks caused the death of a nursing home patient. the 5.2 and 6.0 earthquakes hit within 90 minutes of each other yesterday. the ar
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 127 (some duplicates have been removed)